5 best matches of Rey Mysterio in WWE

Rey Mysterio is perhaps the greatest cruiserweight wrestler in the WWE
Rey Mysterio is perhaps the greatest cruiserweight wrestler in WWE history.

Rey Mysterio is undoubtedly the shortest wrestler ever to scale ultimate heights in professional pro-wrestling. In WWE, his accomplishments are enormous and have created several records in the company. Mysterio, despite not having the physical advantage over his fellow colleagues, has proved that he has tremendous heart and unbelievable willpower.

Throughout his career, he has won several championships in WWE, including the World Heavyweight Championship twice, the WWE Championship once, the Cruiserweight Championship thrice, the Intercontinental Championship twice and the Tag Team Championship four times. He is also the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble match. Mysterio has also contributed towards some of the greatest feuds and rivalries ever in WWE.

Here are some of his best matches during his tenure with the WWE.

#5 - Rey Mysterio vs Miz - WWE Championship match


In the year 2011, as per the WWE Draft, Mysterio was drafted to Monday Night Raw. On the 18 July episode of RAW, Rey Mysterio took part in a tournament comprising of a series of single matches for the vacant WWE Championship. He advanced to the final match and was scheduled to face the Miz for the WWE title on the 25 July episode of RAW

Both Miz and Mysterio gave one hundred percent throughout the match. They both performed every possible move upon one another to win the title. In the end, Mysterio delivered the 619 on Miz and pinned him for the huge win. Rey Mysterio won the match and consequently won the WWE Championship for the first time after ten years of him joining the company.

#4 - Rey Mysterio vs John Bradshaw Layfield - Intercontinental Championship match

Mysterio won the title in record time
Mysterio won the title in record time

At WrestleMania 25 in 2009, Rey Mysterio faced JBL for the Intercontinental Championship. Even before the match could start, JBL attacked Mysterio. He kicked and punched Mysterio to the ground, thus gaining momentum even before the match could officially begin.

However, once the referee started the match, Mysterio shocked the whole world, as he delivered his signature move 619 on JBL within seconds. He quickly pinned him and became the Intercontinental Champion. The match was over in just 21 seconds. Along with JBL, the entire WWE Universe was in awe and could not believe the outcome. It was one of the shortest matches ever in the history of WrestleMania as well as in WWE. This was Mysterio's first ever Intercontinental Championship victory.

After the match, JBL said 'I quit' and retired from the WWE.

#3 - 2006 Royal Rumble Match

Mysterio is the shortest wrestler ever to win the Royal Rumble
Mysterio is the shortest wrestler ever to win the Royal Rumble

Rey Mysterio created history once again when he won the 30-man Royal Rumble in 2006. He entered at number two position and started the match along with Triple H. He survived nearly 63 minutes and made six eliminations throughout the match.

Mysterio won the match by last eliminating Randy Orton. Till date, there have been only two winners from the number two position, and Mysterio is one of them. He earned a World Championship match at WrestleMania and faced Randy Orton and Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship.

This has been the longest ever Royal Rumble match and was won by the shortest player in that match.

#2 - Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger vs Big Show vs CM Punk

Rey Mysterio is two times World Heavyweight Champion

At the Fatal 4-Way PPV in 2010, Rey Mysterio faced CM Punk, Jack Swagger and the Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship. In the beginning, Show dominated by single-handedly taking out the three other players. However, they retaliated and decided to annihilate the Big Show together.

Kane interfered later in the match and tried to attack Punk. As a result, Punk escaped and Mysterio used his brains and his agility to deliver a 619 upon Jack Swagger. This gave him the advantage to pin Swagger and thus secured his victory. As a result, Rey Mysterio became the World Heavyweight Champion for the second time in his career.

This was one of Mysterio's greatest victories, considering that all the other members are former World Champions and had the size advantage over him.

#1 - Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Championship match

Rey became the shortest World Heavyweight Champion ever
Mysterio became the shortest (height-wise) World Heavyweight Champion ever

Rey Mysterio won the 2006 Royal Rumble and thus received a World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania 22 as mentioned previously. He faced Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle and the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history Randy Orton for the title in a triple threat match. This match was undoubtedly the best triple threat World Heavyweight Championship match ever in the history of WrestleMania.

The three wrestlers gave it their all to beat one another. In the end, Mysterio fought all the odds and delivered a 619 on Randy Orton. It was followed by the West Coast Pop and Mysterio subsequently pinned Orton. Mysterio won the match and his first ever World Championship in the WWE.

Rey Mysterio held the Championship for 112 days and was one of the few cruiserweight wrestlers to win the World Championship in the WWE.

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