5 Best moves of Finn Balor

Balor is an outstanding athlete
Balor is an outstanding athlete

Finn Balor is one of the best performers on Monday Night RAW. He is the inaugural and the first ever Universal Champion in the WWE. Balor is also a former and the longest ever reigning NXT Champion in WWE. He defeated Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn in a triple threat match qualifying match and is thus a participant in the Men's 2018 Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Finn Balor has wrestled across the world in several pro-wrestling organizations. In Japan, he was larger than life performer in NJPW. He has defeated wrestlers of varying sizes and has been a Champion almost everywhere he had to step his foot into. The major reason behind his success (despite not being a heavyweight superstar) is his ability to utilize his speed and agility to perform several innovative shots.

His unique wrestling skills have made him a larger than life superstar in the WWE. Below are five of his vicious moves, which have helped him to incapacitate wrestlers and emerge as a winner in the professional pro-wrestling industry. This moves might not look dangerous but can be very effective to anybody, upon whom it is applied.

#5 Enzuigiri

This move might look easy, however, to perform this move accurately, one needs to have utmost concentration and flexibility. A slight mistake can cause an accident to the player himself who is performing the move. To perform this maneuver, the player needs to use his legs to strike at the back of his opponents. It has taken years for Finn Balor to perform this move with cent percent perfection.

Despite all the complexity involved, Finn Balor can pull this move easily owing to his less body weight. He is a master of the ropes and can use it to pull any moves. He uses this move of his in almost every match. It helps him to weaken his opponents and thus he can prepare and execute his next move.

In both of his title matches- NXT Championship and Universal Championship, he used this move and it paid off and he became the Champion. This move makes number 5 on our list.

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