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5 Best Opponents For Roman Reigns

Paul Benson
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Universal Champion, Roman Reigns

Reigning Universal Champion, Roman Reigns remains a divisive figure among wrestling fans.

A talented worker with a strong personality and a superstar look, Reigns has all the tools to be the biggest star in the company.

However, continual stubborn, short sighted booking from WWE in the early stages of his headline push, specifically at the Royal Rumble in 2015 doomed his main event run to fail.

Unwilling to push the much loved Daniel Bryan as the number one babyface in the company, WWE attempted to reduce his heat and superstar aura by having him eliminated very early and decisively in the Royal Rumble match.

Mirroring the unfortunate ending of the 2014 Royal Rumble, Reigns was aggressively booed as the live audience saw Reigns as the office's chosen one and rebelled against the booking in favour of Bryan.

Unfortunately, the booking of Reigns ever since has been focused on establishing him as the top babyface superstar in the company, which as the fans continue to reject it, puts Reigns in a very difficult position.

Being forced to face a plethora of heels, Reigns at times comes perilously close to turning other superstars babyfaces such is the crowd's animosity towards him.

Adding to Reigns's issues right now is also the fact that he has greatly ran out of heel opponents to face on Monday Night Raw as he has fought everybody who can conceivably headline with him multiple times.

Therefore, one has to look slightly further afield or out of left field to find viable opponents for the Universal Champion who could deliver a fresh, money drawing feud with him.


The following slideshow counts down five such opponents that would work best in a feud with Reigns.

#5 The Rock

Will The 
Will The Rock face his cousin at Wrestlemania 35

Former 10 time World Champion and Hollywood mega star The Rock is currently rumoured to be set to face his cousin, Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 35.

That match would undoubtedly be a marquee attraction with two of the biggest stars of their generations clashing one on one for the first (and likely only) time.

However, despite the massive draw this match would be, the promotion of it would be problematic for WWE given The Rock would be loudly cheered and Reigns, despite his face persona would be vociferously booed as he is most weeks on television.

This match would be more effective and better for Reigns's career should he turn heel prior to the bout and then he can encourage the boos he will elicit and make for an incredible atmosphere.

Rock would no doubt bring it in the ring and in the build for the bout and would crucially also be willing to stare at the ceiling for his younger foe.

It could be a career moment for Reigns. If booked correctly.

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