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5 best real-life stories about Triple H

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Triple H
Triple H

"The Cerebral Assassin" has perfectly worked himself up the ladder in WWE. From a dashing young rookie named Hunter Hearst Helmsley all the way to Paul Levesque the COO of the company. Triple H’s story is one of success and progress, but some of the other stories about him are even more the fascinating.

The 14-time world champion is one of the most famous names to ever come out of wrestling and in his almost two-decade-long career, Triple H has seen and done it all.

Many will feel that the break of kayfabe with the Clique back in the 90s is the best story Hunter has to offer, but, HHH has been involved in way more than we could imagine. These stories add a sense of personality to the man behind the suit.

Here are the five best real-life Triple H stories. 

#5 Nearly fought with Goldberg at an airport

Triple H and Goldberg in the ring
Triple H never beat Goldberg in singles competition

It’s no locker room secret that Bill Goldberg hated the guts of Triple H, and the former WCW Superstar has expressed that hatred publicly on many an occasion. To this day it’s said the two still have heat. However, this heat formed before they were even in the same company.

Back in 1999, Triple H ribbed Goldberg for injuring himself in a segment with Bret Hart. Goldberg didn’t take too kindly to the criticism and when the two ran into each other at an airport, it descended into chaos.

Goldberg made a b-charge for The Game, and in response, Triple H beckoned security to restrain Goldberg and escort him off the premises. It’s a wonder as to how the two were able to co-exist during their matches in 2003. 

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