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5 best shows on the WWE Network

The WWE Network deserves all the praise it gets, especially considering the quality of some of the original shows.

WWE Network
£9.99 is starting to seem like a bargain

The WWE Network is one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of Vince McMahon's career, and it deserves to be celebrated as such.

The revolutionary platform for wrestling entertainment has defied all forms of logic to actually succeed as a stand-alone product, and the system continues to grow with more and more countries being able to enjoy watching both new and old events.

But the pay-per-views, Raws, SmackDowns and NXTs aren't the only great things about the Network. With so much original programming, we are treated to hours of new content, allowing fans far and wide to see different aspects of what goes on behind the scenes at WWE.

Some are better than others, but when they get it right they truly do knock it out of the park.

What makes the better shows great is that it's all completely fresh. Apart from the odd DVD release, we don't see some of the superstars in these kinds of environments, and it's no coincidence that all five entrants on this list show the superstars in a way that you could have never imagined previously.

With that being said, let's take a look at the five best original shows on the WWE Network - excluding NXT.

#5 WWE Countdown

Countdown needs to make a grand return

Back when they still produced episodes of WWE Countdown, they were great. They ran down some fascinating top 10s that, whilst you may have seen elsewhere, felt completely different because you just wouldn't have expected WWE to rank them like that.

It was refreshing to see a number of WWE personalities talking like fans as opposed to being in character, and gives an interesting insight into their mindsets.

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Plus, there was an actual anticipation there. Viewers genuinely wanted to know what was voted as being "the best" in a certain category, and it creates a friendly debate among friends that you'd usually be having outside of the WWE bubble.

It's a simple enough idea, but it was executed well to the point that fans were genuinely upset when it was seemingly replaced by The WWE List which just didn't have the same feel to it.

Onto a show focused solely on a small group of performers.

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