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5 best Stone Cold real life stories

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The only thing wilder than Steve Austin's wrestling career is his real life behind the scenes.
The only thing wilder than Steve Austin's wrestling career is his real life behind the scenes

There are wrestling legends, and then there’s Stone Cold Steve Austin. From the late 1990s to early 2000s, The Texas Rattlesnake burned brighter, hotter, and more suddenly than any wrestling star before. He weathered the storm of Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter and refused to submit at WrestleMania 13.

He hit the stunner on Vince McMahon and on Donald Trump. He drove a beer truck into the arena to soak the ring and his nemeses. He collected world championship gold over and over again. There was never anyone quite like Austin.

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Austin is also uniquely situated to have remained popular into the era when WWE started making professional grade documentaries about Superstars’ lives. In addition, he’s gone on to host one of the most successful wrestling theme podcasts in the world.

The net effect is that fans have collected intriguing stories about not only Stone cold’s career, but his real life. This article takes a look back at five of the best Stone Cold real-life stories.

#5 How Stone Cold got his name

Austin got his nickname from an unlikely source.
Austin got his nickname from an unlikely source.

Steve Austin is known as one of the toughest, most hyper-masculine figures in professional wrestling history. It might surprise some fans, then, to learn that his signature moniker, Stone Cold, came out of his ex-wife serving him tea.

Austin has described what happened in a number of interviews, including the WWE documentary dedicated to him. He was studying up on serial killers when the got the idea for launching a new gimmick who was emotionally cold. Anything had to be better than The Ringmaster character he’d been saddled with.

The WWE creative team generated a series of awful names like Otto Von Ruthless and Ice Dagger that failed to generate much confidence. Austin was stressed about figuring out the gimmick when his wife told him to relax and drink the cup of tea she’d poured—before it went “stone cold.”

Sometimes the most important pieces of the wrestling business can truly come from the least expected sources.

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