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5 best Tag-Teams in the wrestling industry right now

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Edge and Christian, The Hardyz and, The Dudley Boyz redefined Tag-Team wrestling during the Attitude Era

The art of tag-team wrestling has been a focal point of wrestling since its inception. In the earlier days, there were teams like 'The Hart Dynasty', 'Legion of Doom', and others, who had their names synonymous with the art of classical tag-wrestling.

The Attitude era saw a shift towards an extreme form of tag-wrestling, with the likes of 'The Hardy Brothers', 'The Dudley Boyz', and, Edge and Christian. However, tag-team wrestling as an art lost its importance in the years after the Attitude Era. The tag-teams were not provided any significant storylines, nor given sufficient TV time.

However, with the advent of the modern era of wrestling, tag-team wrestling has once again found its footing. WWE NXT has been partly responsible for the renaissance of tag-team wrestling, with teams like 'The Revival', 'American Alpha', and 'DIY', playing a huge role in this transformation.

As a result, WWE has been giving more attention to tag-teams in recent years. Nowadays, fans get to see tag-teams involved in major segments on TV or become part of important storylines. With this said, let's look into the top five tag-teams in the wrestling industry right now.

Honorary mentions:

'The Authors of Pain', 'Ohio versus Everything' (OVE), and the 'Golden Lovers'..

#5 New Day

The New Day
former four-time Tag Champions

The most popular tag-team in the history of the WWE, 'The New Day', are a great blend of skill, talent and charisma. They have been a tag-team for over four years, and are still pretty popular. They are quirky, unique and funny. This does not take away the fact that they are great in-ring workers. There is a reason why they are the longest reigning tag-team champions in the history of the WWE. Their matches with 'The Usos', 'The Bar', Cesaro and Kidd were a joy to watch.

They share insane chemistry amongst themselves, and, are one of the top merchandise sellers in the WWE. They are highly popular with the kids, as well as the adult fan-base. However, success did not come easily to them.


When 'The New Day' started as a baby-face tag-team, they were quickly shunned down by the fans. However, it was their eventual heel turn, which allowed them to carve a niche for themselves amongst the fans. They were regarded as the 'tag-team of the year' for two consecutive years (2015,2016) by the Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

They will most likely compete in a triple-threat match for the SmackDown Live Tag Championships at Wrestlemania 34 and will look to win their fifth world title.

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