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5 Best Wrestling Gimmicks Inspired By Movies

David Cullen
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Das too bad, mang
Das too bad, mang

Wrestlers and writers can look almost anywhere to take inspiration from to create a gimmick. Some take inspiration from others, from hobbies, from life events, people, and even television and film.

Sometimes a film can be so popular and inspiring, that it may have elements and characters that would fit a wrestling persona so well. It could be what can make or break your career, and while in some cases can work out pretty bad and silly, other times it can make a bonafide star out of a performer.

And while some have done a bad job over the years with this, some, whether the results be good or bad, have still been entertaining along the way. Here are five of the best wrestling gimmicks inspired by movies.

#5 Tyler Breeze - Zoolander

Really, really good looking
Really, really good looking

As documented on the WWE Network Breaking Ground series, Tyler Breeze spent almost 3 years floating around in different gimmicks before settling on this male model gimmick.

Debuting as the character in 2013, Tyler Breeze was not just a male model, but seemed to experience several similarities to the Ben Stiller cult comedy, Zoolander. Breeze shared many similarities to the character, including to thinking he was incredibly good-looking, and bringing up this 'fact' at every given opportunity.

The character also at times seemed to have his intelligence and other normal attributes be completely blinded by his own over the top self-awareness. While the gimmick ended up being a flop on the main roster, it still provided many comical moments in NXT, throughout his promos every week, during feuds and even recording a humorous music video about how good looking he was.

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