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5 better challengers for Enzo's championship than Kalisto

Riju Dasgupta
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We suggest alternatives for the anticlimatic end to RAW, this week!
We suggest alternatives for the anti-climatic end to RAW, this week!

For the second week in a row, RAW ended with a segment from the Cruiserweight Division, now bolstered by the addition of its new champion- Enzo Amore. The segment was fabulous, right until the very end, with Enzo roasting every single member of the 205 Live roster, who could not lay a hand upon him, or they would lose their jobs immediately.

To conclude the segment, RAW General Manager Kurt Angle introduced the latest addition to the Cruiserweight roster, and it was none other than Kalisto. Kalisto wasn't part of the said stipulation, hadn't blown his title shot by laying a hand on Enzo Amore the past week, and in all likelihood will go on to challenge Enzo Amore next.

Kalisto is a phenomenal hand in the ring, but in all honesty, great in-ring performances could not save the division in the past. Instead, it's when the entertainment aspect of 'sports entertainment' was introduced to 205 Live that the division made a massive resurgence from the dead. The brand honestly needed a bigger star to feud with Enzo Amore.

We pick 5 better contenders to take on Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Championship. Hopefully, one of them will be booked in the program against Enzo following TLC.

#5- Austin Aries

This would have been the ideal opportunity for Aries!
This would have been the ideal opportunity for Aries

As Enzo Amore proved during the final segment, when he has the microphone in his hand, he has no equal in the entirety of the main roster (except for maybe The Miz). However, a former superstar from 205 Live who could have verbally sparred with Enzo Amore is Austin Aries.

Aries was called a man who was far too charismatic to be wasted in 205 Live. It was a far more in-ring oriented product at the time, and while Aries excelled at that as well, he never really held the gold. His interactions with Enzo would have been absolutely priceless.

The central issue with Kalisto is how few people would actually care for a program between Enzo and Kalisto, even if the title was involved. A natural talent like Aries could make the audience care for the feud. Unfortunately, he's no longer with the company.

WWE has mended many bridges in the past, and if the time ever comes to bring Aries back, he should definitely have a program against heel Enzo Amore.

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