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5 big Superstars who should have been bigger in WWE

David Cullen
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That's not a good thing, it's a bad thing

WWE have had so many big names work for them over the years, that it is always likely to happen that a major name or names, get lost in the shuffle. It is something that has unfortunately plagued WWE for years.

A common reason as to why a Superstar gets lost in the shuffle is because WWE can often lose interest in pushing them, either for the time being or just all together.

Here I will look at 5 big WWE Superstars, who had moderately successful runs, but would have been bigger had WWE put a hold on their push.

I will not be including former World Champions such as Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Raven, and others, as even though they were big names, they never had a main event level push in WWE, to begin with.

#5 Vader

I guess i
I guess it wasn't Vader time after all

Big Van Vader is one of the greatest big men in wrestling history. Former three-time IWGP Champion and three-time WCW World Champion, Vader was a big name to sign with WWE, at a time when WWE were the ones who were losing big names to WCW.

So surely, when the complete opposite happened, it would have meant big things for the big Superstar in question rig? Well no.

Vader did get a little push for a while, which included some pay-per-view main events and WWE Championship matches, but it soon faded away.

The rumor that has been going on for several years now is, WWE decided to stop pushing him because then WWE Champion Shawn Michaels felt that he was too stiff in the ring.

This led to a diminished push that saw Vader eventually reduced to a jobber role, before leaving WWE in 1998 and returning to Japan.

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