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5 biggest botches from NXT TakeOver: WarGames

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Alexander Wolfe caused the officials to put on the white gloves in the main event!
Alexander Wolfe caused the officials to put on the white gloves in the main event!

NXT TakeOver: WarGames kicked off a long Survivor Series weekend and the results are pretty unanimous – the show was fantastic. Every match was good to great, there were a couple of new champions crowned, and the main event inside the updated version of a Dusty Rhode’s invention more than lived up to the hype.

As great a night of wrestling as this was, nothing is perfect. Mistakes are bound to happen over the course of a live broadcast, even this one.

Among the bigger botches of the night, a huge bit of controversy marred the NXT Women’s Championship Match, Cien almost lost his title during his big celebration, and a cameraman probably forgot to tie his shoes correctly while trying to film Nikki Cross’ entrance.

Also, there was an abundant amount of blood in the main event that WWE tried their best to not actually show on screen. Alexander Wolfe and his bodily fluids kicks off this countdown.

#5 So much blood

Even though the main event (and title of the event) was War Games, WWE still lives in a fairly strict no-blood era. Several competitors, such as Killian Dain and Eric Young, suffered minor nicks that mostly went ignored. However, Alexander Wolfe stretched the bounds of family-friendly programming when he gushed blood from the top of his head.

The injury happened during the Superplex spot through a table against one of the Authors of Pain. Both officials put on the white gloves and until the final moments of the contest, Wolfe was hidden from view of the camera.

The few times that the busted table did make a brief appearance, it was evident that a literal pool of Alexander’s blood was on top of it. The SAnitY member re-entered the action during the final few minutes and he was still a bloody mess.

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