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5 biggest botches from WWE Elimination Chamber 2018

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Kurt Angle flubbed his lines as he outed Triple H and Stephanie's real feelings about Ronda Rousey.
Kurt Angle flubbed his lines as he outed Triple H and Stephanie's real feelings about Ronda Rousey

It was a night of ominous structures, several points toward the big sign, and the McMahon family getting everything they wanted in the most important segments. Ronda Rousey's rumoured tag match against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon has taken shape while Vince's chosen competitor stamped his ticket once again to the main event of 'The Grandest Stage of Them All'. The contract signing and Roman Reigns' win weren't necessarily bad, but it's that kind of booking that's sure to roll a few eyes.

WWE Elimination Chamber had several other noticeable moments worth pointing out. Kurt Angle's forgetfulness over which WrestleMania Ronda Rousey previously appeared in, Sheamus' imaginary banana peel on the turnbuckle, and Sasha Banks's no-sell of one of the biggest spots of the night are among the featured moments that WWE may wish they could take back.

So let's go ahead and dive into the botches, beginning with one from moments before the main show began.

#5 No Elimination Chamber rules, Renee

The first botch of the night happened on the pre-show. After seeing the highlight package for the men's Elimination Chamber Match, a graphic of the match rules briefly appeared. Renee Young started to introduce the next guest but logically changed plans to reference what was on screen.

Renee then abruptly halted her audible, likely thwarted by a producer in her ear. She laughed off the brief hiccup then welcomed Paul Heyman to the table. The people in the back should've never put up the graphic if they didn't want Young to address it. Heyman then told everyone that regardless of who the winner of the main event would eventually be, they needed to go into self-preservation mode tomorrow on Raw because Brock Lesnar will be on that show to face them.

It's also worth pointing out that Brock's advocate asked Peter Rosenberg "Who are you?" in the last second before his time was up, which was hilarious.

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