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5 Biggest Facts That Prove Triple H Has Changed WWE Forever

Rimika Saini
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The business has changed for the better
The business has changed for the better

There's no denying that WWE is one of the most popular companies in the entire world, and are essentially known for their ability to blend wrestling with entertainment.

Considering the fact that they have been doing this for so many decades, there have been different eras that showcased different personalities interacting with one another within the squared circle to tell a story.

While the quality of storylines has dipped a bit, there's still a lot to be grateful as a professional wrestling fan, with the future of the industry looking so bright.

A significant mention goes to Triple H for portraying an indispensable role in the operations of the company and bringing some serious alterations whenever necessary.

His experiential supervision has proved worthwhile in WWE's developmental brand NXT, and while it feels like an independent brand now, the Game has miles to go before he sleeps.

Since legions of WWE fans do have their preferences, with most of them being fans of the Undertaker, Stone Cold, and Shawn Michaels, Triple H's contribution to the business is more significant and more applauding.

Therefore, here are the 5 biggest facts that prove Triple H has changed WWE forever.

#1 The Curtain Call was the beginning of the change in business

What a night for these men
What a night for these men

The very first incident that brought a notable change in the business was the infamous Curtain Call that happened at the Madison Square Garden in 1996.


At a time when the World Wrestling Federation was garnering tremendous attention from the fans and was heading into the Attitude Era, the fans were left shocked with what transpired that night.

Shawn Michaels competed against Diesel and Razor Ramon squared off against Hunter Heart Helmsley at a WWE House Show, and while everything was running smoothly, the main event featuring HBK and Diesel gravitated a lot of mainstream reception.

After the match, Razor Ramon entered the ring and hugged HBK in what felt genuine as both the superstars were babyfaces during that time, but Triple H's inclusion in the frame followed by a hug from Nash caught the world's attention.

While Vince McMahon was fuming backstage, these four competitors went on to change the entire complexion of the business with the infamous Curtain Call incident.

Considering that kayfabe was broken in such style, Triple H's involvement did feel significant in bringing a groundbreaking alteration before heading into the Attitude Era.

Since Kevin Nash and Scott Hall left the company, Vince McMahon used the idea to originate one of the most controversial factions of all time in D-Generation X.

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