5 Bizarre booking decisions WWE made this week (February 7th, 2021)

Modified 07 Feb 2021
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#4 Bizarre booking - WWE booked Goldberg to kick out of The Claymore at The Royal Rumble

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg returned to the ring at The Royal Rumble this past Sunday night to challenge WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, which could be considered bizarre booking in itself. Whilst the WWE Universe were worried that the company could decide to put another Championship around the waist of the former WCW star, this wasn't the case, since McIntyre was able to walk out with his title.

Despite the two men embracing after the match and McIntyre walking out looking strong, Goldberg still left his mark on the Champion, since he was able to kick out of The Claymore. The WWE Champion's finisher has been one of the most protected in the company over the last year and the bizarre booking decision was made this past week to allow a part-time star to end this streak.

Of course, McIntyre was able to kick out of the Jackhammer, which was seemingly WWE's way of rectifying the situation. But now it's hard to believe that many current WWE stars who challenge McIntyre wouldn't be able to achieve the same feat.

Published 07 Feb 2021
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