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5 WrestleMania matches that could be legitimate Money-Spinners 

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WrestleMania is all about creating magical moments that transcend generations and last a lifetime. Wrestling fans from all over the world travel to witness this visual extravaganza and start anticipating the card months before the event. The company tries everything in its power to give the best card to the fans but there are some matches that sell out an entire stadium on their own.

The tremendous curiosity created during the Rock vs John Cena for WrestleMania 28 is an ideal example. It is likely that the company could book some matches with a fine collaboration of nostalgia and entertainment and with that being said, let's look at some matches that could be legitimate money spinners for the WWE.

Here are 5 WrestleMania matches that could be legitimate money-spinners

#5 John Cena vs Kenny Omega

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This is a match that can push the boundaries of wrestling across the world and give us something spectacular to remember. Two mainstream superstars from two of the biggest promotions in the world colliding to prove their dominance. Well, WWE has a habit of booking dream matches in senseless fashion but, if they ever try to book this sensational bout, the amount of mainstream attraction would be huge.

This is a dream match for fans who genuinely see Kenny Omega as the next big thing in this business and overcoming the Franchise at 'The Grandest Stage of them All' would be his ticket to superstardom. But, it might not happen the way we imagine, it to be. John's days as the Face of the company are becoming numbered and, with his in-ring role being reduced due to his age, it is unlikely that this dream match could ever happen. Either way, the bout is money and could elevate the business to another level.

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