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5 bold predictions for the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event

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Bye bye Brock?
Bye bye Brock?

The Greatest Royal Rumble comes to us from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this Friday, and it is as good as an top pay-per-view level event considering how stacked the card seems to be.

Basically, the who's who of the WWE is involved in the card, minus the women of course.

Even the Undertaker is confirmed for a match...which he wasn't for WrestleMania 34 if you can recall.

That probably gives you an indication of how highly the WWE prioritizes the Saudi market, that they've gone all guns blazing on the event.

And naturally, with a card this juicy, comes a lot of room for the WWE to pull off unexpected swerves and bold booking decisions that we just don't expect.

Add to that the fact that it's a Live Even - meaning that it isn't really that connected to the weekly story arc despite the references to the event on Raw and SmackDown - it does give the WWE a lot of leniency to spring creative surprises and left field booking decisions on us.

So what can we expect at the Greatest Royal Rumble?

Here are 5 bold predictions!

Paul Heyman turns on Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns turns heel!

Lesnar's next port of call is the UFC.


It's been referenced enough times on social media and even on this week's episode of Raw. He may still be in contract with the WWE to return once his fight in the UFC is done, but he's going to be away from pro wrestling for the forseeable future.

Which is why people believe that Roman Reigns will defeat him at the Greatest Royal Rumble and take his belt in front of - what the WWE hopes - is a more favourable crowd than the one at WM 34 that will actually cheer him when he wins.

But so far, nothing in the build up to the match has suggested that Reigns has what it takes to defeat Lesnar. Like Samoa Joe has been kind enough to remind us all...everytime Reigns crosses paths with Lesnar, he's been on the receiving end of a beatdown.

So what's going to change in Jeddah?

Unless someone from Brock's side betrays him by turning on him, my guess is absolutely nothing.

Plus, without Brock around in the WWE in the near future, Heyman does need to piggyback of some Superstar to secure his own future in the company.

Who better than Roman Reigns to fit that bill?

Plus, there's always the little issue of his micwork that needs working upon for which including Heyman in his repertoire would be a perfect solution to.

And let's face it...a heel turn for Reigns is long, long overdue.

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