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5 Booking options for Shawn Michaels if he returns to WWE

What does WWE have in store for Shawn Michaels if he returns to wrestling and does not face AJ Styles?

If Shawn Michaels makes a return to WWE, who besides AJ Styles could be an opponent?

It has been six years since Michaels was in a WWE ring as a competitor and aside from cameo appearances, guest referee spots and the occasional yuck up with Ric Flair and other former WWE superstars, he has led a non-wrestling existence.

Until this year. Michaels began working with WWE’s Performance Center as Anthony DiMoro wrote in an August 17 story on Forbes.com.

While it would appear he was adding his name to the vast array of talented trainers and the professionals on staff, there has always been a tease of sorts with him about would he or would he not get back in the ring for “one more match.”

Just so everyone knows, WWE has not commented on the picture on Twitter or the rumours that have flown around the world like the Road Runner on steroids. This may all be a tease once again, with Styles making the claim he would love to face one of the greatest to ever wrestle.

Michaels did, however, say that if he returned to the ring, he would love to face Styles one-on-one.

Since all we have here is speculation and a lot of wishful thinking, maybe there is a chance to have a little bit of fun with this. If Michaels returned to the ring, besides Styles, who would be an ideal opponent? Here are five names to consider.

#1 Triple H

Best friends and enemies, would a match with Triple H make perfect sense?

Best friends in and out of the ring and two of the best workers to ever set foot in a WWE ring. Triple H isn’t retired. There is growing sentiment that the angle with Seth Rollins will never happen and fans could grow weary quickly of another angle wasted.

The potential of this match is intriguing because while they are best friends, there is still a brooding rivalry between the two. Who is better? Who is the better performer? Who can go the distance? Fans salivate at the chance to see this kind of a match – much like Triple H and Undertaker.

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