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5 botches and outrageous moments from WWE Raw (February 12, 2018)

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Sheamus performed a dangerous rolling senton on his already injured neck.
Sheamus performed a dangerous rolling senton on his already injured neck.

WWE Elimination Chamber is less than two weeks away and the red brand seems positioned for success. Not only did the final participants of the men's match get named in this episode but it was also a night filled with plenty of good wrestling. Most of the matches were above average and as a figurative icing on the cake, Braun Strowman attempted murder with an upright bass. The Monster Among Men is a treasure and overall, Raw was very enjoyable.

It's true that a good RAW with great wrestling offers little in terms of botches, but don't worry, there were still several mistakes and annoyances worth pointing out. Moments like Sheamus' dangerous rolling senton onto his already injured neck, that already obnoxious text add-on that happens with all of the promos, and a referee that robbed that main event from a clean ending are in this edition. So sit back, get comfortable, and relive the night that was from the perspective of the more outrageous moments.

#5 Question or answer

It's always great to see Kurt Angle on screen. He's an absolute legend. We'll cherish the fact that he's spending the end of his career on WWE programming. However, love for the current Raw GM doesn't excuse the fact that he jumbles his lines every now and then.

This particular malfeasance was very minor, but it still counts. He petitioned the crowd to see if they wanted Seth Rollins added to the main event match. The word answer was switched with question, which ended up being a mistake he quickly corrected. The crowd was more than willing to accept Seth into that match, which then became a 5-way contest for the final spot in the upcoming Elimination Chamber.

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