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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from SmackDown Nov 29, 2016

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Dean Ambrose left SmackDown in the back of an ambulance!

There’s less than a week remaining until WWE TLC 2016, which means that SmackDown Live was in go-home mode, in anticipation of this blue brand exclusive Pay-Per-View. Sunday’s event has several big matches planned, and for the most part, this was a solid show building toward it.

All of the big matches seemed to get the proper attention they deserved, which resulted in a few momentous spots. A few examples include when Becky Lynch was shoved off of the top rope through a table, as well as when A.J. Styles gave everybody’s favourite underdog one of the most vicious Styles Clashes of the year.

Those were some of the jaw-dropping moments from this Tuesday night show, but that’s not really what this article is about.

Focusing more on the unplanned instances, as well as the stuff that makes us scratch our heads, there are several moments that need to be highlighted. JBL uttered a line that sounded like he was trying just a tad too hard to sound cool; Dean Ambrose was a jerk to medical personnel, and the Tag Teams Champions apparently do not care if the monitors that they watch work or not.

All of that and more lie ahead, so continue, to read about the five botches, slip-ups and most outrageous moments from this episode of SmackDown Live.

#5 Not nice, Dean

A.J. Styles violently attacked poor James Ellsworth, slamming his back hard with a chair, then administering a brutal Styles Clash off the steel steps onto the floor. By this point, James desperately needed medical attention. A team of EMTs secured him to a gurney and loaded him into the back of an ambulance.

Thankfully, James had a buddy to ride along with him to the hospital.

Dean Ambrose entered the ambulance ungracefully by shoving somebody with far more life-saving training than he to the front of the vehicle. “Getting in here, get out of the way” is what he said as he came to the aid of his pal.

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