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6 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Raw (April 10th, 2017)

Watch Charlotte's leg land right on Nia Jax's head off of a moonsault and Braun Strowman flip an ambulance!

Top 5 / Top 10 11 Apr 2017, 12:57 IST
Roster flips are fresh opportunities for entertaining new feuds 

The much-hyped Superstar Shakeup kicked off on Monday Night Raw, bringing surprise appearances from former SmackDown stars. While there were many Raw newcomers that weren’t all that groundbreaking, several bigger stars like Dean Ambrose, The Miz, and Alexa Bliss did make an impact.

Dean had the best night of them all, defeating Kevin Owens in the main event. These roster flips are fresh opportunities for entertaining new feuds in the coming year and so far, it seems off to a good start. However, this episode also saw old feuds continue as one crushing behemoth, who is a former member of the Wyatt Family might be off to too good of a start if that’s possible.

In one of the most outrageous backstage attacks ever, Braun Strowman interrupted an interview to assault Roman Reigns repeatedly. The attacks just increased in intensity, with the grand finale being one of the featured moments in this edition of this article.

Other moments on this list include a rough landing for a Charlotte Moonsault, an Elias Samson main roster debut that was simply odd, and one of the funniest crowd chants towards Roman Reigns ever.

So strap on in, especially if you’re in a motor vehicle near Roman Reigns, and prepare for the 5 most outrageous and botchiest moments from this night of Raw in New York.

#6 Face to shoulder

Charlotte might’ve seen her life pass before her life on Monday Night Raw, and it was all because of a very awkward looking shoulder-breaker by Nia Jax. Instead of dropping her on her knee shoulder-first, the girl who’s not like most girls instead performed a face to knee variation. Yikes, this looked awful.

Thankfully, no serious injuries occurred as a result of this move. Still, Charlotte might be crossing her fingers for a brand switch to SmackDown after this. 

#5 Xavier didn’t get all of that elbow

If Michael Cole remarks that your elbow drop didn’t quite get the clearance you had hoped for, then it’s fair game for this article.

After Xavier tried his best to nail this coast to coast elbow drop, a move he’s had no trouble with countless times in the past, the Raw lead announcer said, “I don’t think Xavier got all of the elbow, Corey.” He didn’t, as he clearly landed feet-first well before impact well before apppearing to hit his opponent.

Woods & Big E would go on to lose to Dawson & Wilder in this one. This is the second week in a row that New Day have tasted defeat at the hands of Revival. Perhaps back to back jobs to put over the new team means that WWE’s longest reigning tag champs are jumping over to the blue brand?

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