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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Raw February 20th, 2017

Why is WWE confiscating pro-Matt Hardy signs?

Top 5 / Top 10 21 Feb 2017, 12:37 IST
A good show, but not without its botches

Monday Night Raw hailed from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, bringing a slightly strange but still eventful evening.

The biggest buzz in the night was that The Rock was in the house to film for an upcoming Paige-family inspired movie. This caused several signs to pop up for The Great One throughout the arena.

Sadly, Rocky didn’t appear in the ring until after the show went off of the air which was a bummer for those of us in not in attendance. The Rock even called CM Punk in the middle of the ring, a certainly outrageous moment had it happened while the live cameras were running.

As much as the Punk phone call would’ve been fun to see on screen, that’s not the show the TV audience witnessed.

What we saw instead saw was Kofi Kingston landing on his head all for a hypothetical booty-juiced dessert, a heel Sheamus getting cheered for kicking a babyface after his match was over, and the gigantic Braun Strowman kipping up like a cruiserweight.

All of those moments and more lie ahead, so proceed on to relive the botchiest and most outrageous moments of the night.

#5 Confiscated pro-Matt Hardy sign

It might be misleading to say that this sign was confiscated because it was pro-Matt Hardy rather than being anti-Roman Reigns, but that doesn’t make the Hardy side of it untrue.

News that this very visible “Delete Roman” sign was taken away from the fan that brought it made the rounds on social media, so much so that even the man who receives premonitions from the Seven Deities himself commented on it. 

While sharing a news report describing the sign removal, Broken Matt tweeted out these words:

Keep up the good fight, Matt Hardy.

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