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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE SmackDown (December 20th, 2016)

What was that strange noise during Natalya's entrance?

The announcers seemed to have a long night!

It’s Wednesday again which means that wrestling fans are trying to shake off their weekly SmackDown hangover, which is almost always easier to rebound from than the other morning afters.

The Tuesday night blue brand might have lacked any ‘I can’t believe they’re giving that away for free’-type of matches, but what it did have was Becky Lynch in a full body luchadora suit. This isn’t even being pointed out as a negative of the night; it was actually a highlight of the show.

While Becky’s Mexican-inspired antics were all good and well, that doesn’t mean the rest of the show went off without any mishaps. Natalya’s entrance is proof of that, along with a phantom ref bump in one of the title matches, as well as a couple of struggles from the announcers. 

All that and more lie ahead, so read on for some botchy goodness from SmackDown Live...

#5 Styles missed the table

After much delay, James Ellsworth finally got his WWE Championship opportunity against AJ Styles. Sadly for him, it wasn’t pretty. The match itself was over in under a minute, but the action continued after the pinfall.

Styles kept on fighting his chinless challenger and even catapulted him onto the steel frame that supports the ring. However, it’s this particular sidewalk slam onto the announce table was a tad off for AJ. If we’re correct in assuming that he was aiming for the table, he botched because he only had his opponent graze the edge of it.

Landing on the corner would probably be more painful anyways, so it is possible that was his intention all along.

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