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5 Botches, slip-ups, and outrageous moments from WWE SmackDown LIVE (April 25th, 2017)

What did Charlotte's Titantron say during her entrance?!

Top 5 / Top 10 26 Apr 2017, 12:59 IST
What this show also delivered on was a series of botches, saved forever thanks to the magic of gif images

Following a rather down episode of Raw, Tuesday’s SmackDown Live had nowhere to go but up for WWE. Thankfully, this roster was given the chance to put on a wrestling-heavy show. It made a world of difference.

Three singles matches went beyond 10 minutes and featured one wrestling from the following pool: A.J. Styles, Randy Orton, and Charlotte. That’s a strong lineup.

There was also a tag team beat the clock challenge to determine a Number One Contender that featured some wrestlers that likely really appreciated the chance. People who tune into wrestling shows usually enjoy in-ring action and this show delivered.

What this show also delivered on was a series of botches, saved forever thanks to the magic of gif images. Since that happens to be the focus of this article series, the following are some mistakes and outrageous moments from this show.

Featured moments include a finishing manoeuvre that slightly missed its mark, Jinder Mahal messing up the name of the title that Randy Orton now carries and a Titantron entrance that needs some serious examination.

So without further delay, here are the 5 botchiest and most outrageous moment from this edition of SmackDown.

#5 Overshot the Grand Amplitude

American Alpha took on the "travel-agents-no-more" Colon cousins in the first of two tag matches that were a part of a Beat the Clock Challenge. They set the bar off right with a time to beat of 5:17. This all almost didn’t happen after witnessing the execution of their finisher.

Either Jason Jordan pitched his Colon too far back or Chad Gable ran too far while he was in the air because the landing was off. This was probably the first time that Chad has found himself completely perpendicular to an opponent while the pinfall was being counted. Looking at his position, the added bridge was kind of moot.

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