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5 Botches, slip-ups, and outrageous moments from WWE SmackDown Live (January 31st, 2017)

James Ellsworth intentionally laid hands on a female wrestler!

This was an above average contest!

The stretch of non-stop live WWE wrestling that started during the Royal Rumble/NXT TakeOver San Antonio weekend finally comes to a merciful close. It’s capped off with the blue brand that brings smiles to all, SmackDown Live.

This particular episode was headlined by an above average contest between Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles, we learned several more items about the upcoming Elimination Chamber, and we saw the historically overlooked Naomi continue gaining momentum. There’s was plenty to enjoy about this show.

If you’ve followed this series so far then you already know that with the good of every show, there’s always some bad as well. In this article, we’re going to take a look at James Ellsworth unchivalrous actions toward the fairer sex, a fan jab toward a popular WWE Network show, and the latest attempt at the world record for most announcers at one commentary table.

Whatever the record is, nobody wants to see it challenged. So go ahead and sit back as we dive into 5 botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from this episode of SmackDown Live.

#5 Man on woman violence

If there’s one thing WWE’s PG era has taught us in regards to morality, it’s that men do not lay a finger on women under any circumstances. It’s a breach of chivalry that’s far too scandalous for the modern wrestling fan. Exceptions to this rule are rare, such as when Roman Reigns speared Stephanie McMahon in the main event of last year’s WrestleMania.

Even in that case, it was totally inadvertent.

James Ellsworth laid hands on Carmella’s Tuesday night opponent and it was surprisingly intentional. Previously unknown Delilah Dawson lost to the Staten Island Princess after James tripped her up while she was rebounding off of an Irish Whip.

While this minor instance of interference wouldn’t have been a major taboo in previous eras, this might prove too much for the modern audience. That all might be an overreaction but it is highly rare for men to lay hands on women in pro-wrestling on TV especially in this politically correct era. 

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