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5 Changes Liv Morgan can make to her character when she returns to WWE

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Liv Morgan
Liv Morgan

Former Riott Squad member Liv Morgan is currently off WWE TV, and at last word officials are in the process of repackaging Morgan and re-debuting her with a new and/or updated character.

Morgan spent time in NXT as a smiley faced rookie, and then transitioned to the main roster as part of the a three-woman stable known as The Riott Squad. The Squad consisted of Morgan, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan, and the trio enjoyed a moderate amount of success when they were first called up to the WWE main roster.

Positioned as the loose cannons of WWE, The Riott Squad would reek havoc on the main roster by vandalizing arenas in which they performed, and were generally portrayed as heels on WWE TV.

Following Ruby Riott's exit from WWE TV after suffering an injury, Liv Morgan took time off from TV as well while the company finds her a new direction.

Let's take a look at 5 changes Liv Morgan can make to her character when she returns to WWE main roster TV.

#5 She can align herself with The Fiend

The Fiend
The Fiend

The Fiend might appear to be a new character for Bray Wyatt, but in reality Wyatt has been teasing a character similar to The Fiend for the past couple years.

Considering The Fiend is intertwined with Wyatt, who also plays a children's show host on the Firefly Funhouse WWE TV segments, it's possible the long-awaited Sister Abigail could make her WWE TV debut.

While WWE fans would instantly recognize Liv Morgan, it could easily be explained that Morgan is in fact Sister Abigail and has been reeking havoc on WWE TV at the behest of Bray Wyatt and The Fiend. The pairing of Wyatt and Morgan could add depth to both of their personas on WWE TV.

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