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5 cool Easter eggs you may have missed from The Fiend's entrance at SummerSlam

Gary Cassidy
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:08 IST

#4 Hurt or Heal?

Who chooses?
Who chooses?

Now, the only crossover between the host of Firefly Fun House and The Fiend is the Hurt or Heal gloves that both have worn.

During The Fiend's entrance, he lifted his hands to his face, seemingly to pull down his hood - before shielding them in front of his face, and seemingly being instructed to follow the "hurt" option after leaving his lantern down prior to the demolition of Finn Balor.

Again, this one may seem obvious, but it was easy to miss had you been encapsulated by everything else that was going on, and because of the low lighting that obscured the writing on The Fiend's gloves as he was making his way to the ring.

Who knows if Wyatt will always choose to heal, via his various apologies on social media, and The Fiend will always hurt in the future, but this is a very intriguing storyline crossover to merely hint that both Wyatt and The Fiend are the same person, while never addressing both by the same name and having Wyatt only ever refer to The Fiend in third person.

Either way, this merely adds to the mystery of an incredibly sinister character...

Published 12 Aug 2019, 19:57 IST
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