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5 crazy backstage stories from WCW

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Sycho Sid was truly 'psycho'
Sycho Sid was truly 'psycho'

Looking back at it now, it’s a mystery as to how the lawless WCW nearly ran the WWF out of business. Some say it was that reckless mentality that made them so popular. That’s debatable, but what it definitely did was provide us with some crazy backstage stories.

From backstage fights to leaky excretions, the wrestlers in WCW truly gave us some memorable moments.

While WCW was best remembered for the star power of Hulk Hogan and Sting, it was the lesser known wrestlers that ran rampage behind the scenes. Enough talking, let’s find out what these crazy individuals got up to.

Here are 5 crazy backstage stories from WCW. 

#5 Sycho Sid puts a squirrel in his tights

Sycho Sid posing for a photo
Sycho Sid last appeared on WWE television back in 2012

As his name suggests, Sycho Sid was a notoriously eccentric character both in the ring and behind the scenes. The two-time WCW Champion was always pulling pranks, getting into trouble and generally being a livewire backstage.

Just to add to his resume of craziness, Sycho Sid started to carry a squirrel with him on the road in between shows. Always up for a dare, Sid one day was dared by some of the wrestlers backstage to stuff the squirrel down his trunks.

Of course, Sid responded and as a result, the squirrel bit him where the sun doesn’t shine.

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