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5 crazy thumbtacks spots in professional wrestling

These spots will make you cringe.


You hear everyone say it all around the world anytime the topic of professional wrestling is brought up. "But, that stuff is all fake." People need to start understanding that there is a very real difference between fake and scripted. And, professional wrestling is scripted.

The risks undertaken by the wrestlers are very much real. Sure, the outcomes are predetermined, but there is a huge amount of skill and practice involved in order to pull off moves safely. This is doubly true when there are weapons involved.

While tables, ladders, chairs, and the likes can actually be built to be safe, that is not the case with thumbtacks - and they can lead to some of the most gruesome spots in all of professional wrestling.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of 5 crazy thumbtacks spots in professional wrestling:

#5) Chris Jericho - WWE Extreme Rules 2016

When Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose decided to settle things in an "Asylum match" no one quite knew what to expect. What it actually turned out to be was quite lacklustre but the match did feature one hell of a thumbtacks spot.

Y2J went for the Codebreaker only for Dean to counter and plant his opponent back first into a bad of tacks. The match then ended with Deano delivered a Dirty Deeds onto the sharp objects once more.

Jericho had to have 69 of the thumbtacks removed from his body in the aftermath.

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