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5 Current mid-carders who deserve to be WWE/Universal Champion

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Kofi better watch his back!
Kofi better watch his back!

WWE has a packed roster full of talented pro-wrestlers from all over the world. They have been signing more pro-wrestlers than they ever did before. WWE have instituted the performance center for training them to become the future stars who will carry the company on their shoulders.

The developmental territory NXT has evolved into a separate brand for the WWE apart from Raw & SmackDown Live. Each year multiple Superstars graduate from NXT and move on to the main roster to find worldwide fame and acclaim.

There are also some Superstars with WWE who are home-bred by the company. Most of them started their careers with the company, and some will even end their careers there. 

With such diverse members on the roster, WWE can only afford to push a few to become main-event players. Some will find themselves in the tag-team division, and some will be on their own as mid-carders for the company.

Superstars on the main event will only appear on the shows for a few hours, but it’s the mid-carders who have to bear the burden of carrying the show until the main eventers take over. 

The main eventers will open and close the shows, but the mid-carders have the responsibility of putting people on their seats until the main event. When the mid-carders are talented enough to prevent the fans from changing channels, they have all the right to be in the main event scene for at least once in their career.

Let's look at five current mid-carders who deserve to break into the main event scene and have a run with the WWE / Universal Championship.


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