5 current WWE Superstars who get paid for doing virtually nothing

Vince doesn’t seem to care about these Superstars
Harry Kettle
Modified 14 Mar 2017
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Now look, before we start this, we know that there's not really any JTG characters lying around as dead weight anymore - but the contributions of these guys and girls really does not equate to much whatsoever.

Whilst they may contribute to the product in the most menial of ways, what we're trying to say here is that things would be no different if they weren't there at all.

It's a shame too, because all five of the competitors on this list are more than capable of making an impact on their respective brands - well, apart from one of course.

You'll also see the appearance of a former wrestler who has transitioned into a new role on this list, but trust us - it hasn't made much of a difference when it comes to their popularity among the WWE Universe.

Whether or not these Superstars will be with the company for much longer remains to be seen, but what we do know is that Vince McMahon likely wouldn't look twice if they were to walk away from WWE tomorrow. 

With that being said, here are 5 current WWE Superstars who get paid for doing virtually nothing.

#1 Dana Brooke

Dana could be great

If you've seen the Breaking Ground documentary series, you'll know that Dana Brooke put in a lot of work to get onto the main roster. In fact, you could even say that she's one of the hardest workers in the whole of WWE - but in terms of her actual role on Monday Night Raw, she doesn't actually do a whole lot.

As Charlotte's bodyguard, she seems to have spent the last few months floundering and appearing much more sporadically than she did when she first debuted on the red brand.

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We all know that she's a little green in the ring, but that doesn't mean that she should be kept out of it altogether. Honestly, Charlotte's position would probably be the same even if Dana wasn't there.

We stick with the females, moving over to the blue brand.

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Published 14 Mar 2017
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