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5 current WWE women superstars and their first job

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Not everyone was always a wrestler
Not everyone was always a wrestler

While the WWE Women's Revolution is in full swing these days, that wasn't always the case. Women in the professional wrestling industry weren't valued for their in-ring skills but rather for their looks. And, while these old ways are changing, they haven't changed completely yet.

That's why you can have male professional wrestlers enter the industry with their first jobs while the women are forced into other avenues before they can impress enough to get a shot in wrestling.

Some of the younger talent on the WWE roster today like Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley, have started their professional lives in wrestling and haven't had to take the long way round. But, a large number of women on the roster were actually working in different jobs before they were able to make their WWE dreams come true. Today, we're here to celebrate these women.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of five current WWE women superstars and their first job:

#5 Dana Brooke - Gymnast, Bodybuilder

There's a reason for those impressive muscles

Dana Brooke looks quite green on the WWE's main roster and that's because she hasn't had all that long to get used to the business of professional wrestling and was probably sent too far into deep waters much too soon.

Given that she only signed with NXT 2013 and had no experience in professional wrestling before that, she's done really well for herself since getting into the industry.

Before wrestling, she used to be a gymnast but various injuries including dual ankle breaks forced her to give up that career. She then went on into fitness and body building and participated in various international body building competitions and made a real name for herself, before making the switch over to professional wrestling and the WWE's developmental program.

Hopefully, with a little more time and effort, we can see the very best of Dana Brooke.

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