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5 Defunct championships WWE should bring back

WWE has too many Superstars to give everyone the attention they deserve, but there might be a way to fix this problem.

Top 5 / Top 10 18 Mar 2017, 11:38 IST
Steve Austin is one of the few people to ever hold the Million Dollar Championship.
Steve Austin was one of the only non-DiBiases to hold the Million Dollar Championship

WWE currently has nine active men's championships if you include NXT, but with dozens of Superstars between Raw, SmackDown and the developmental system, it's not enough.

There are certainly pitfalls to having too many titles floating around, but if done properly, every championship can be made to feel important no matter how many different belts there are in circulation.

Dozens of different titles have come and gone over the years. Some of them have great legacies tied to some of the best pro wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring, but others came and went without much fanfare.

Some of these lost titles could be put to good use in today's environment. It might seem like WWE already has too many belts, but with the right booking, a few more wouldn't hurt anything.

This slideshow will look at five retired championships WWE could bring back to help give a push to some deserving Superstars who are suffering from the company's overcrowding problem.

#5 Hardcore Championship

WWE's current PG product has almost completely eliminated blood from the product, but Superstars still finds ways to make their matches brutal when there is a hardcore stipulation involved.

Between Raw, SmackDown and NXT, the company has more Superstars to support than ever, and bringing back the Hardcore Championship would allow the company to give another deserving wrestler a title to defend.

Guys like Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin and Luke Harper would thrive with the title around their waist, and with Mick Foley serving as Raw General Manager, WWE already has the perfect person to reintroduce the belt.

Using a new design would be fine, but there's something special about the broken belt Foley used to carry. If management wanted to capitalise on nostalgia, using the same title would be the best decision.

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