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5 Desperate measures that Vince McMahon could take to increase WWE TV ratings 

Vatsal Rathod
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12.90K   //    08 May 2019, 18:22 IST

#4. Bring back the Hardcore Title

Is a little chaos better sometimes?
Is a little chaos better sometimes?

The Hardcore title has always been associated with chaotic storylines, shocking moments, and unexpected champions - something which might really help WWE at this moment.

One of the biggest reasons why the fans are complaining about the current product is the lack of unpredictability and excitement in the storylines. Bringing back the hardcore title could just solve the problem. Remember, the rule with the Hardcore title is - you have to defend it 24X7, anywhere and anytime.

This could give many young superstars a taste of gold on the main roster, and could also help in establishing new superstars. Imagine a scenario where someone like Dean Ambrose making his return by shocking the Hardcore champion and pinning him.

#3. An NXT Invasion Storyline

This is a guaranteed success!
This is a guaranteed success!

Throughout all the chaos that is going on with the fall in ratings and the weird "wild-card" rule, one person surprisingly missing from the occasion is WWE COO, Triple H. Remember, he along with Vince, Shane, and Stephanie McMahon appeared on the last RAW of 2018 to announce that all four of them would be taking over the decision-making duties of the main roster.

While I know he's involved in the shots being called backstage, an on-screen return of who looks like the only babyface Authority figure at this point would be amazing. A better way to do it? Let Hunter lead an NXT Invasion on the main roster with a point to prove against Vince.

Fans have long been waiting to see a Nexus-like storyline with NXT Superstars invading the main roster, and we know whenever that happens, the ratings will surely jump up. If there has ever been a desperate time to pull-off this angle, it has to be now!