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5 Draft decisions that had Vince McMahon's name all over them

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47.65K   //    28 Jul 2016, 13:48 IST
Everything starts and stops with Vince McMahon in WWE

Vince McMahon knows exactly what he’s doing in giving fans a new and improved WWE. The past few days have been the best this company has had to offer in some time. Better programming, better booking and a buzz that has not been part of the wrestling business since the days of the Attitude Era. If this were baseball, think of it as Babe Ruth hitting a home run to win a World Series game.

Yes, it has been that big.

When the company decided to split its roster and create two promotional brands that will not compete against each other as much as it will produce a better business, we all know McMahon was right in the middle of it all.

He lives for high-stakes change. He lives for the adrenaline rush. Even at 70 years of age, the man who brought us sports entertainment can thrill us all with a move or two – much like a moving chess match.

When you look at the rosters of both Raw and SmackDown Live, there is a definite excitement each bring to the table. And there are some moves you know McMahon had a hand in. These are five of those moves – the ones where Vince’s seal of approval is written all over them.

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