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5 Dream matches which could happen if WWE worked with other promotions

Brad Phillips
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Fans witness a long awaited rematch.
Fans will witness a long-awaited rematch

Wrestling is no different from other sports. In football fans want to see the best teams collide such as; Barcelona versus Real Madrid.

However, arranging such dream matches tends to highlight specific issues. Regarding wrestling dream matches it usually concerns which promotion they belong, or if they are no longer alive. 

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In history, fans always wanted Hulk Hogan versus Ric Flair in a WWE ring, but it never happened. Moreover, it took until WrestleMania 28 before The Rock and John Cena competed. However, dream matches are becoming more prevalent in recent times. 

At WrestleMania 34 the most anticipated dream match occurred when Shinsuke Nakamura competed against AJ Styles. Considering this match stole the show, what else can we expect from WWE?

#5 Finn Balor vs Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay in action against Rey Mysterio
Will Ospreay in action against Rey Mysterio

Many wrestlers employ aerial tactics in their performances such as; AJ Styles, Richochet, and Matt Sydal. However, when reviewing this exciting style of wrestling, two names primarily appear. These names are; Finn Balor and Will Ospreay. Overall they have positively influenced and elevated the wrestling industry.

Balor gained success in Japan as the founder of Bullet Club. Moreover, he afforded fans pure excitement when he performed. When joining WWE, Balor was immediately successful. He is a former NXT Champion and Universal Champion. Whereas, Will Ospreay has competed globally and held numerous championships. However, he has yet to reach WWE. In recent months, Opsreay has had fantastic matches, most notably against Marty Scurll, see the video below. Moreover, he talents have garnered the attention of Balor. 

On Twitter, Balor praised Ospreay's wrestling ability. Balor's praise will benefit Ospreay in the future. Overall, a match between them would afford high flying and technical wrestling. Ultimately, Ospreay will wind up in WWE and Balor will be waiting. However, at present, they are both enjoying lucrative success.

Finn Balor replying in good grace to Will Osprey's Tweet.
Finn Balor replying in good grace to Will Osprey's Tweet.

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