5 dream matches wrestling fans want to see

  • Ever since King Kong vs. Godzilla, fans have wanted to see dream match ups.
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Modified 15 Jun 2018, 12:41 IST

Omega and Styles were once allies, but many fans want to see them lock up in the ring

You'd think with the deep, diverse rosters of New Japan, ROH, and WWE, fans would be satisfied. But no! They always want more. After all, if Wrestler A has faced or beaten everyone in his promotion, why not take on someone new?

You'll find this attitude even with long-term wrestling fans, or diehards dedicated to one brand. There's always a tweet, a post, or an article about why this or that wrestler would make for great opponents, and that's natural. Just like when people speculate over whether the 1977 Raiders could defeat the 2002 Patriots, fans like to wonder what would happen if the dream came true.

Here are ten dream matchups that fans are just dying to see:

1. Punishment Martinez (ROH) vs. Undertaker (WWE Legend)

Many compare Punishment Martinez to the Undertaker.
Many compare Punishment Martinez to the Undertaker.
The Undertaker can still put on a stellar performance even decades into his career.
The Undertaker can still put on a stellar performance even decades into his career.

ROH unabashedly promotes Punishment Martinez as the heir to the Undertaker's throne, and why shouldn't they? The comparisons are numerous and profound. Both men are towering titans with the ability to fly through the air like a cruiserweight. Both men have a definite theatrical presence that wins fans to their side without uttering a word, and both enjoy a creepy charisma that is equal parts unsettling and evocative.

Why fans want this dream match: The athleticism of both men is unparalleled in their weight class. Fans love to see matches between big men who can really move, and this match satisfies that need. And let's not discount the fact that Martinez clearly grew up watching and idolizing the Undertaker. All the ingredients are there for a fantastic match of the past vs. the future.

Chances of the match happening: Not so good at the moment. ROH is poised to stage a show at Madison Square Garden and is putting all its energy behind growing its fan base. They aren't likely to let Martinez go easily, and there's little chance Undertaker would ever work for ROH simply because of his lucrative legends contract with the WWE. But, things can change in a split second, and it could still happen.

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Published 15 Jun 2018, 12:41 IST
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