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5 dream tag-team pairings fans never got to see in WWE

  • Which WWE legends could have made the best tag-teams?
Daniel Crump
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Brothers in arms.
Brothers in arms.

Unlike other sports, professional wrestling is the kind of industry where legends from the past could conceivably make a return to action and work with a current superstar. At Wrestlemania 18 we saw The Rock take on the 80s icon Hulk Hogan. 10 years later at Mania 28, The Rock was the former legend coming back to take on John Cena.

Fans love to fantasise about dream matches they never got to see, but we rarely give enough thought to who could have been paired with each other to make a dream tag-team. The best forms of entertainment are normally built out of professional tension and deep seated respect, and there are many superstars over the years that would have been just as effective teaming up with members of the current roster. Here are 5 dream tag-team pairing that fans never got to see in WWE:

#1 Owen Hart and Daniel Bryan

Possible team name: The Dragonhearts
Possible team name: The Dragonhearts

As it stands, Daniel Bryan and Owen Hart are two of the most beloved superstars in history. Bryan personified the frustrations of many WWE fans who feel the McMahon regime does not listen to what they really want to see. The American Dragon was able to ride on a wave of fan support right onto the shores of Wrestlemania itself where he became WWE World Heavyweight Champion and has stayed in our hearts ever since.

Owen Hart's abilities in the ring and infectious personality speak for themselves, but unfortunately, we often remember Owen for the wrong reasons owing to his tragic death in 1999 during a WWE PPV. Whether he would garner the same level of respect and adulation today if he was still alive is another question, but there's no doubt he would have been considered a true legend.

Ironically, however, Daniel Bryan and Owen Hart probably would have made an exceptional heel tag team. Before he became the leader of the YES! movement, Daniel Bryan was an obnoxious brat who felt entitled to all of the opportunities the company had to offer. His YES! chant was originally a way to annoy his opponent and to brag about his advanced abilities over most of the roster.

In many ways, his actions were reminiscent of Owen Hart's fantastic heel run back in 1994. When he turned against his brother Bret at the Royal Rumble of that year, he suddenly became his own biggest fan, shouting loudly enough at people until they believed in him as the better Hart brother. The smallest victory would result in the most elaborate celebration and fans, whilst openly booing him, were secretly loving every second of it.

Imagine the two of them coming to the ring with over inflated egos, getting into the heads of opponents by throwing their arms up in unison and telling everyone who listens just how great they are. And that's not to mention how impressive they would be as a technical wrestling team as well. Between them, there is enough talent to tie the whole roster up in knots.

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Published 10 Aug 2017, 09:19 IST
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