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5 Famous WWE Wrestlers Who Were Allegedly Once On Steroids

Ishaan Sharma
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Eddie Gurrero left the world very early
He left the world very early

A perfect body physique is needed to become a WWE Superstar. Without a good body, one may not become a fan favourite. There are a lot of drugs available in today's time that a wrestler can take to give a perfect shape to their body. One of those drugs is steroids. Wrestlers usually take it to build a perfect body structure but this is very harmful to their health.

In the history of the WWE, many big wrestlers have taken this substance. However, a lot has changed now in the WWE and currently, there are many strict rules regarding the WWE's Wellness Policy. Although that wasn't the case before the death of the famous Mexican wrestler, Eddie Guerrero. Here are 5 WWE superstars who allegedly once used steroids in their life.

#5 Eddie Guerrero

At one time, WWE Superstar Eddie Guerrero also used steroids that weren't illegal to take in the WWE that time. However, this proved to be the biggest mistake of his life, which also became a major reason for his death. In 2005, he suffered a heart attack in his hotel room and died there.

According to a report, he also received a drug shipment from Florida, 11 days before his death, which contained steroids testosterone, nandrolone, and the estrogen blocker anastrozole, which is often used by wrestlers to stop the growth of their heart muscles.

After his death, WWE launched its wellness policy and today if any wrestler is caught taking steroids (or any other substance that is banned by the company), then a suspension and fine will be imposed on him/her. If the same wrestler does this up to 3 times then the company will also fire him. It is sad to say that a wrestler like Guerrero left the world very early only because he wanted a perfect body shape to wrestle.

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