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5 fan chants you might have missed during WWE RAW (November 13th, 2017)

Did you hear what this amazing Atlanta crowd chanted?

Jason Jordan didn't have a good night... way to rub it in, Atlanta.

It was the go-home Raw headed to Survivor Series and WWE still had a few pieces to move around to create an amazing picture for their annual November Classic.

The fans had an idea of what to expect including a reunited Shield (finally), but little did they know all of the surprises they would see live in front of their eyes.

The enthusiastic crowd inside the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia was full of gusto and it showed through their chants. Although the crowd was psyched all night, let's take a look at five chants that really stood out.

#1 Thank You, Wyatt/ The Na, Na, Na Song

How could this get much worse for Jason Jordan?

Atlanta can be a brutal place if you're not necessarily over. Jason Jordan learned this fact the hard way when he went down with a kayfabe left knee injury and received absolutely no remorse from the savage crowd.

After Jason Jordan's win against Bray Wyatt, "The Eater Of Worlds" got his revenge in a big way. After applying a vicious beatdown, Jordan was left on the mat unable to walk. The crowd chanted, "Thank you, Wyatt!"

But the announcers and wrestlers in the ring no-sold it the best they could.

As WWE officials led Kurt Angle's baby boy up the ramp, the crowd sang the "Na, Na, Na Song" at Jason Jordan signifying they were pretty happy to say goodbye. It was a heartless moment, but it fell in line with how well (or poorly) the WWE Universe has treated this program since Jodan made the jump over to Raw.

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