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5 fascinating facts about Royal Rumble winners you may not know

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Roman Reigns eliminates an average of 6.5 wrestlers per Royal Rumble... but did you know that there's one other Rumble winner who tops that?

The WWE Royal Rumble is an interesting match. Over 300 people have entered it, while only 19 of them have won. This match has the potential to create new stars, to re-establish old ones, to send you on a nostalgia trip, and to bury people, all in one hour-long thrill ride.

As such, the Rumble has created a seemingly endless series of commonly-cited statistics. We all know that Shawn Michaels was the first person to win from #1, we all know that Roman Reigns threw out more people than anyone else in a single Rumble, and and we've all heard that Jim Duggan was the first person to win the Royal Rumble.

But what if I told you that the last thing I listed isn't true?

See, for every stat that the commentators spout off ad nauseam, there are plenty of others that no one talks about. So today, I'm going to share five facts about Royal Rumble winners that you might not know. Oh, and if you've got one, feel free to leave it in the comments below.

#5 There are two people with a 100% Royal Rumble victory percentage

Yes - Vince McMahon won a Royal Rumble.

Let's face it - if you're entering the Royal Rumble match, your chances of losing are markedly higher than the chances of winning. Despite this, there are two people who have never lost in the Royal Rumble. To be fair, they've both only been in the match once, but I digress -

Vince McMahon won the 1999 Royal Rumble by only eliminating one man, Stone Cold Steve Austin, at the very end. It would be the only Rumble he ever entered. Ten years prior, however, Big John Studd entered his first and only Royal Rumble and won it.

Sure, Vince McMahon spent most of the match outside of the ring and sure, he only eliminated one person, but he still has a perfect winning percentage. And sure, Big John Studd only went slightly over 12 minutes and sure, he only eliminated two people (Akeem and Ted DiBiase), but he still has a perfect winning percentage.

Brock Lesnar was also part of this exclusive club for 12 years after his 2003 victory, and he would have remained there had he not decided to enter two more Rumbles in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

And while we're talking about winning percentages, the lowest for any winner is The Undertaker (9%). Also, there are four people who have won half of the Rumbles they've entered - Hulk Hogan, Yokozuna, Lex Luger, and amazingly, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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