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5 feuds Roman Reigns absolutely needs to have before WrestleMania 34

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Who would you like to see Roman Reigns square off with, before WrestleMania 34?
Who would you like to see Roman Reigns square off with, before WrestleMania 34?

With around half a year to go to WrestleMania 34, I think it's safe to say that Roman Reigns is in the home stretch before he usurps the throne of the Beast, Brock Lesnar.

But is the Big Dog quite ready to become the top dog in the WWE?

The answer to that would have been a resounding 'NO!' before the Undertaker, Braun Strowman, John Cena and Shield angles, but now, I can't deny that he's coming into his own.

Personally, I've never been against the idea of Roman Reigns taking over from where John Cena left off.

After all, he's certainly got the look and he's a pretty darn good worker in the ring.

But before the hard-hitting salvos with Braun Strowman, top billing clash against John Cena and the raucous Shield reunion, he did seem some way off the mark from fully growing into the mantle of top babyface.

Now, that tells us two things primarily.

One, that it's taken the WWE a lot to put to Roman Reigns over...but more importantly, that their efforts haven't been wasted.

So Roman Reigns can become everything Vince McMahon had in mind for him when he hand-picked him while he was running with the Shield.

But before that happens, presumably at WrestleMania 34, here are 5 feuds that he absolutely needs to be a part of.

Disclaimer: Some of the names may currently be Superstars plying their trade on SmackDown Live. But never say never in the WWE, right?

Ps. If there's a feud you think would be great for Reigns... do grace the comments section with your inputs below.

#1 The Undertaker

The Undertaker's final match HAS to be better...
The Undertaker's final match HAS to be better...

It wasn't only the fans of the Undertaker but the pro wrestling fraternity as a whole with whom the Phenom's 'retirement' at WrestleMania 33 didn't sit well.

For one, bearing in mind the kind of retirement matches that Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair had at Mania, Taker's match with Reigns was underwhelming.

Also, the Undertaker looked every bit of his 52 years, coming in pretty much out of shape and labouring to create any real momentum in the match.

For such a celebrated and storied Superstar, hobbling into the horizon simply isn't a good enough way to go.

Perhaps, health permitting, the WWE owes it as much to the Phenom as it does to us to run back his match with Roman Reigns.

And this time, they had better get it right.

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