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5 feuds to facilitate Bobby Roode’s much-needed heel turn

Zac Jones
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Bobby Roode's face run has been far from 'Glorious'
Bobby Roode's face run has been far from 'Glorious'

It seems like a long time ago that Bobby Roode was thriving in NXT as one of the brand’s most popular acts. But it has been less than a year since Roode made his main roster debut in August of 2017.

However, eight months of floating around on Smackdown Live and doing nothing of note has seen his stock drop dramatically and resulted in Roode falling well short of expectations since his call-up.

But has this been down to the performer or the booking of his character?

It could be argued that it’s a bit of both, but one thing is for sure is that the ‘Glorious’ gimmick simply does not work on a babyface character. Bobby Roode has become a boring, ineffectual member of the roster who seemingly has nothing more going for him other than a catchy entrance theme.

Roode recently switched to Raw in the 2018 ‘Superstar Shake-up’ which gave WWE the chance to reset his character and revert back to what made him so over in NXT. However, thus far, he seems to be continuing as a bland babyface.

Since his arrival on the main roster, Roode hasn’t had a feud that has really captured the imagination of the WWE Universe. However, there are a number of potential feuds for him on Raw that could facilitate a much-needed heel turn for the ‘Glorious One’ and reignite his stagnating career.

#1 Roman Reigns

Will Reigns drop down the card following his recent losing streak?
Will Reigns drop down the card following his recent losing streak?

I know, I know, nobody is a heel when they are up against Roman Reigns. Jinder Mahal got cheered when he confronted Roman on this week’s Raw, even Donald Trump would probably get a hero’s welcome if he interrupted a Roman promo!

Although this wouldn’t result in a fully-fledged heel turn for Bobby Roode, he could benefit from being in a high-profile feud and would presumably be given the opportunity to develop his persona and lay the groundwork for his eventual turn.

Hopefully, this would lead to a more well-rounded character for Roode, instead of being just a guy that says “Glorious” every week.

Moving Roman away from the title picture might also be best for him after a torrid few months for the ‘Big Dog’.

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