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5 feuds WWE must reignite after WrestleMania 34

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One of the most famous post WrestleMania feuds of all time.
One of the most famous post WrestleMania feuds of all time

Once the WrestleMania season comes to an end, WWE will once again enter the familiar territory of hot and cold storylines till the summer season kicks in. If the history is taken into consideration, the post-Mania period usually has WWE try a number of experiments with various storylines and superstars.

With the superstar shake-up expected to happen right after 'Mania and several superstars changing their home, as a result, WWE has the opportunity of starting some new storylines which they can carry on throughout the summer season.

Apart from new feuds, reigniting some of the best rivalries could also help in providing more excitement and legitimacy to their product after 'Mania. Here are the 5 rivalries from the past that must be seen on the WWE programming after WrestleMania.

#5 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn

One of the best debut matches in WWE history.
One of the best debut matches in WWE history

Until and unless WWE ends the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania with probably the biggest swerve in the history, Shinsuke Nakamura is walking out of WrestleMania with the WWE title around his waist.

On the other hand, Sami Zayn is expected to face his best friend Kevin Owens and, if the rumors are true, Sami Zayne will emerge victorious at WrestleMania to end another chapter of this never-ending rivalry. This will provide the perfect scenario and situation to bring these two together and fight over the WWE title following WrestleMania.

Although their feud in NXT was short and consisted of only one match, that match is often regarded as one of the best matches in WWE history. If that match was even a hint of the chemistry that these two could have, the fans could be in for a hell of a rivalry when WWE brings the two back together.

With the WWE title involved, it would automatically increase the buzz and hype of the rivalry that still has the fans talking about their last one-on-one encounter. This rivalry will keep the fans invested in the SmackDown product that reached an all-time low the same time last year.

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