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5 for 1 Raw 3/13/17: The good, the bad and the ugly

Let's be honest. When you love pro wrestling so much, there's a lot to hate.

Top 5 / Top 10 15 Mar 2017, 13:19 IST

Basically just screeching narrators.

The Bad 1

Foley hates his job, also he sucks at it.

We all saw where this was going from the top of the show if we hadn’t already been waiting for it since Mick Foley’s second week as General Manager. Mick was terrible for this job to begin with.

Steph, who I think is probably picking up business strategies from the kids at the lemonade stand that got in trouble for poisoning the majority of a town last year, gives Mick the impossible (-y easy) task of firing a Raw Superstar. 

Later, when it’s time for Mick to fire someone, he defaults to the ol’ “You can’t fire me ‘cause I quit” by naming Stephanie as his choice because she’s terrible and publicly hates her employees. And he legally can’t do that anyway so it was just him dying on his own sword.

Which I guess would be valiant if it was in the name of anything but a cheap face boost for someone else.

This brings out Business/Not Business Triple H and sets Steph into Action Figure Stance for the rest of the segment. They yell at Mick and Mick sockmouths Trips and Steph armballs Mick because this is what I want to see when I think of pro wrestling.

THAT brings Hurt/Not Hurt Seth Rollins and a preview of their definitely not happening/happening match at Wrestlemania.

So, basically, Steph sets up Foley to die and make room for probably Kurt Angle as GM, Triple H gets mad because Mick made the emptiest possible threat to his ultra powerful wife, and with all this, they are absolutely determined to give us a Rollins/Triple H match that lost all heat a year ago. 

And I can’t even remember if Mick got fired or not. But Curtis Axel dodged a bullet.

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