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5 Former WWE Wrestlers Who Look Way Different Now

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In this list, we look at 5 former WWE wrestlers who look much different nowadays...

As CM Punk once alluded to during his infamous "pipe bomb" promo, every WWE Superstar is quite simply another "spoke in the wheel", and once gone, that wheel's going to keep on turning with new stars replacing the old. Fairly recently, we witnessed yet another transition period in WWE -- the transition from the John Cena era to the Roman Reigns era.

While John Cena's a huge star outside of wrestling, over time, WWE fans will begin to forget about "The Cenation Leader" in favor of the companies newer stars thus continuing the cycle. Many wrestlers have come and gone through the WWE system over the years, and it's highly probable that you've completely forgotten about some former stars.

The bright lights of WWE certainly don't last forever, and often times, former stars end up falling apart so to speak (body-wise) once their time in the spotlight is over -- not all, but definitely some. On the other hand, some former WWE wrestlers who used to look relativity "average" in WWE are looking like total beasts now. Today, we are going to be looking at 5 former WWE wrestlers who look way different now -- some for the better, and some for the worse....

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#5 Al Snow

Al Snow may be in his mid-50s now, but he's truly looking better than ever!

Famous for the J.O.B squad and that rather creepy yet hilarious "head", former WWE European and Hardcore Champion Al Snow is looking absolutely nothing like he did back in the mid-late 90s to early 2000s -- supposedly the "peak" of Al Snow's career.

While Al wasn't in terrible shape during his runs in ECW and WWE, Snow has unquestionably put on a ton of size and muscle mass since leaving the biggest stage in sports entertainment behind. Perhaps Al Snow likes to refer to himself as a "body guy" nowadays, because he's beyond shredded for being well into his mid-50s.

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AL Snow as we used to know him

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