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5 gimmicks WWE should copy from elsewhere

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Some concepts are just begging to be ripped off
Some concepts are just begging to be ripped off

Nothing is truly original in pro wrestling anymore. Wrestlers might come up with new moves once in a while, but characters and gimmicks themselves all come from somewhere else. The most recent gimmicks to take the world by storm are either direct rip-offs of something older (i.e. The Bullet Club being a tongue-in-cheek parody of the New World Order) or are slight modifications to something existing (Matt Hardy being ‘Woken’ in WWE while being ‘Broken’ in TNA).

But there are times when a gimmick becomes so good and so entertaining that it just begs to be replicated by other promotions.

Here are five gimmicks or creative concepts that WWE should adopt for some of its performers.

5. A Great Muta-type character

Muta is one of the most timeless characters of all time
Muta is one of the most timeless characters of all time

The Great Muta is one of the most iconic and memorable characters in wrestling history. His mastery of ring psychology, unpredictable movements and monster-like behavior has served as the inspiration for many wrestlers – gimmicked or not – for decades after he reached his prime.

Vince McMahon in particular is said to favor a character-centric booking approach as opposed to an athleticism-based one, so it would stand to reason that he’d want to incorporate as many ‘wacky’ characters as possible. And few characters top the wacky meter more than the Great Muta.

Such a character could work in WWE, if booked properly. Having someone wear a bizarre-looking mask or face paint and have them act like a supernatural creature would be right up Vince’s alley. Moreover, Muta became world-famous for his use of Asian mist, which is a concept that could create entire stories of its own.

Imagine of the WWE’s version of Muta were to use underhanded tactics (like spraying mist) to win his matches. He would become a despicable heel in short order as many fans want to see clean matches these days.

Furthermore, it would be very easy to craft a storyline centered on this mist being used and ‘blinding’ a fan favorite, thus preventing them from wrestling in front of the fans they love. It would for an easy story that would be both believable and interesting to see develop.

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