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5 Great NXT Tag Teams that failed on the main roster

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5. Enzo and Cass

Enzo and Ca
Enzo and Cass on Raw

Enzo Amore and Collin Cassidy paired with Carmella were one of the most over acts in NXT history. Their feud against Buddy Murphy, Wesley Blake and Alexa Bliss was the best Tag team feud in NXT History at the time.

Even though the Tag Team quality of NXT has risen meteorically since then, Enzo and Cass were something unique. Big Cass' imposing size and Enzo's unbelievable skill on the mic made these two awesome.

They received a huge pop when they made their debut on the Raw after Wrestlemania 32. The team was immediately thrown into the Tag team title picture but never managed to capture the gold.

However, they were kept relevant with a high profile feud against Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. When they were still kept away from the Tag Team titles, people assumed WWE was waiting till Wrestlemania to pull the trigger but even at Mania they failed to win the titles.

This is where everything went downhill. A strange, confusing and weird storyline started in which both Enzo and Cass were attacked backstage. The attacker was revealed to be Cass himself and somehow this entire ordeal culminated in a Summerslam match between Cass and Big Show of all people.

Oh, and Enzo was hung above the ring in a Shark Cage.

Cass got injured on Raw the next night and their entire storyline lead nowhere and made zero sense. Enzo would go on to be a two-time Cruiserweight Champion before being controversially fired on Raw while Cass would return after almost a year, on Smackdown and lose to Daniel Bryan 2 PPVs in a row before getting fired himself.

All in all, we can say both of them failed on the main roster individually and the biggest success they had was when paired together. Sure, Enzo won the Cruiserweight title twice but it was during a time when the Cruiserweight division was in dire need of relevance and Enzo's mic work was the best way to get them some exposure on the main stage.

Moreover, it can safely be said that the thing we miss the most about the tag team, is Enzo's promos.