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5 greatest WWE Superstar and announcer pairings in WWE history

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Jonathan Coachman and The Rock have enjoyed a special relationship
Jonathan Coachman and The Rock enjoyed a special relationship

In the world of professional wrestling, the announcers help in adding an extra layer to the characters. The truly great ones have the ability to enhance the aura of the Superstars, and portray them to be the larger than life Superstars they are expected to be.

The dynamic between an announcer and a Superstar is just as important. In the past, professional wrestlers weren’t expected to be entertaining on the microphone. Instead, it was the announcer’s job to sell the matches, and people like Howard Finkel and Gene Okerlund were masters at it.

Today, we take a look at the top five Superstar-announcer pairs in WWE history.

#5 Alberto Del Rio - Ricardo Rodriguez

Alberto Del Rio was destined for great things in the WWE. After Rey Mysterio left the company, the WWE needed someone who could connect with their Latino/Hispanic audience. Alberto, while working in Mexico, was one of the top two stars, and hence was recruited to be the future face of WWE in Latin American countries.

While Del Rio couldn’t live up to the expectations, one of the things that worked with the Superstar was his association with Ricardo Rodriguez. Much like Heyman’s mannerisms while introducing Brock Lesnar, Ricardo’s rolling of the R’s made his character unique, adding a different dimension to Alberto’s character.

The former Dos Caras Jr. won the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE, and owed a lot of his success in the company to his association with Ricardo.

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