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5 Heel Turns We Could See Very Soon Indeed

Riju Dasgupta
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Each of these heel turns could rock the WWE Universe
Each of these heel turns could rock the WWE Universe

They say that everything in life is's not just shades of black and white. However, in the WWE Universe, everyone's either a virtuous person, therefore dubbed a babyface or a bad guy, referred to as a 'heel'. This makes for compelling storytelling and gives the audience someone to root for. Or root against, as the case may be.

And then there is also the matter of heel turns. Sometimes, good guys give in to the temptation of money or power in storyline and tap into their dark sides. Sometimes, they just turn on a friend out of jealousy.

In my opinion, the following babyfaces will become heels very soon indeed. They have a lot more to gain by not being sugar, spice and everything nice in the following weeks.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

#5 Bobby Roode

Expect Roode to lay a beatdown on Chad Gable very soon indeed
Expect Roode to lay a beatdown on Chad Gable very soon indeed

Bobby Roode was a top guy when he was in TNA. He had a brief run in NXT where he was not just the top heel, but also the top guy proudly holding the NXT Championship. He had an okay run in SmackDown Live, but seemed a lot more diminished as a babyface character.

Now, he is the least 'glorious' he has ever been as a babyface on RAW, taking pins against The Ascension. One can only assume that it is a setup for him tapping into his dark side and turning on his teammate, Chad Gable. The smiling and cheerful Bobby Roode character is not a natural fit for the man and everybody knows it.

Expect him to turn on Chad Gable down the road and become the heel we all know and hate. The sky could be the limit for Roode as a heel.

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