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5 Heels That WWE Fans Refused To Boo

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Fans have
Fans have made it clear about their stance on Becky Lynch

Every once in a while, a beloved babyface turns heel when they aren't quite in a position for it. While it has happened successfully before to throw the fans off, sometimes, fans just aren't ready to digest it.

Take the most recent example in August 2018 with Becky Lynch on SmackDown Live. She had the best winning streak on the blue brand, male or female. With hardly any defeats to her name and Charlotte Flair absent due to recovery from surgery, The Irish Lasskicker picked up win after win after win, defeating virtually every female star in the division on SmackDown.

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It was inevitable that she would be in the title picture, and she pinned then-champion Carmella to earn a title opportunity at SummerSlam. Enter Charlotte Flair, who returned, was handed an opportunity at beating Carmella, which she did and subsequently force herself into the title picture.

It was clear that Charlotte stole Becky's thunder and it was further proved at SummerSlam when Charlotte won the women's title. Fans, understanding Becky's frustration, didn't turn on her when she attacked Flair after the match.

It was supposed to be a heel turn for Lynch but it only made fans love her more and boo Charlotte in the process. With the turn going the opposite way from what WWE expected, it brought out a lot of justifiable anger in fans, who simply refuse to boo Lynch.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time it's happened. There have been many superstars who fans simply refused to boo, and these were some of them.

#5 Edge - 2010

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Fans were not ready to boo the Rated-R Superstar

When Edge returned at the Royal Rumble in 2010, it was as a face and the fans were hot for him. He would have a feud with Chris Jericho until WrestleMania and after an unsuccessful shot at the title, he would soon move over to RAW.


After he moved to RAW, he turned heel once again after costing Randy Orton a world title shot and then insulting the fans, calling them puppets.

Fans didn't buy this and throughout his run as a heel, refused to boo him. WWE seemed to listen to them at last, as he would return to SmackDown that same year, seemingly turning face in the process. This would mark the final few months as a performer before his retirement.

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